Pomodoro Technique

What is the Pomodoro Technique? When and by whom was it developed? What is required for use? How is it implemented? What should be considered in its application? What is the benefit? Pomodoro is a technique for time management that increases productivity. Pomodoro is a technique developed by Cirillo in the 1980s. For the use […]

To the Right Candidate with Interviews!

What is an interview? What are the types of interviews? What are the stages of an interview? What is the importance of the interview? What should we pay attention to in the interview processes? An interview is a method of meeting applicants and experts to discuss the relevant position. The importance of interviews can be […]

Know Yourself!

Why should you know yourself? What do you want to do? You can’t introduce yourself without knowing yourself! In job interviews, you are first asked to introduce yourself, but how will you introduce yourself in interviews when you don’t even know yourself? Young people can start by looking at what they want to do, what […]

New Generation Human Resources

According to sociologists, the birth year intervals of generations cause them to exhibit different characteristics through different social, cultural and technological events. These groups, called BB, X, Y and Z for short, have different perspectives on life, expectations from life, ways of doing business and the conditions they live in. According to research, Baby Boomers […]


What is selection and placement? How does the selection and placement process work? In line with the necessary research and screening, detailed interviews are conducted with the candidate who is suitable for the position. In the light of the interviews, the most suitable candidates for the companies are determined. The selected candidates are presented to […]

Your representative Curriculum Vitae

Why is the resume your representative? Why is your representation important? How should your representation be? How should representation be expressed? Your resume, which is the first step in entering the job and company you dream of, is your introduction card and a short summary of your professional life. It is the most accurate, best […]

To Target with Performance Evaluation!

What is performance evaluation? Why is performance evaluation important for companies? Which steps should be followed in performance evaluation processes? What should be considered in performance evaluation? What is the importance of the 360 performance evaluation system? What kind of development plans should be created in line with the results obtained? Performance evaluation is the […]

Well done! You’re Not Hired

How to go to a job interview? What is important in interviews? How do we succeed in the job interview? You can see many articles like these in the literature. So what are the behaviors and answers that cause our failure in job interviews? What should we avoid doing? What should our answers be?   […]

To Be Successful in Interviews

Everyone wants to do well in interviews, but many people either don’t prepare or don’t know how to prepare. Important Points to Consider in the Interview; The most important recruitment process is undoubtedly the interview. In this article I will give you some tips on what you should and should not do during the interview. […]