Well done! You’re Not Hired


How to go to a job interview? What is important in interviews? How do we succeed in the job interview? You can see many articles like these in the literature. So what are the behaviors and answers that cause our failure in job interviews? What should we avoid doing? What should our answers be?


Now everyone knows that before going to a job interview, we should definitely research the company we are interviewing with and pay attention to our personal care and clothes. If our interview is with a Human Resources Consulting firm, this process may change slightly. First of all, you should know that the Consulting Firm is interviewing you for a different company for which it provides consultancy and you should prepare for the interview with this awareness. In this sense, the text of the advertisement you are applying for will help you. If you cannot examine the advertisement text well and determine what is expected of you, you cannot have a proper interview. You cannot be expected to get a positive feedback at the end of the interview that you enter without reading the text of the advertisement you applied for. If you are questioning the questions asked by the recruiter, avoiding eye contact, digressing while giving your answers, avoiding answering the question, giving hesitant answers, contradicting your answers, and failing to convey what you feel to the other person, you have failed. In addition, you should anticipate the questions that may be directed to you and determine your answers in a simple and clear way. If you can’t express yourself correctly without losing the recruiter’s attention, congratulations! You’re Not Hired Even if you are a suitable candidate for the position you are applying for, you will continue to fail unless you can convey this to the recruiter. The only topic that is filtered in interviews is not whether you have the desired competencies, but whether you will adapt to the in-house culture with your competencies. Your personal and structural characteristics, attitudes, behaviors and expectations from the company are as important as your competencies. Therefore, you should know yourself well, be comfortable and be able to express yourself accurately. In this way, you can get the most suitable position in the most suitable company for you.


Leave yourself in the hands of experienced recruiters! They will make the most appropriate selection and placement for you as well as for the companies. Let us remember that what is best for us is what is convenient, not what is perfect.

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