To Target with Performance Evaluation!


What is performance evaluation? Why is performance evaluation important for companies? Which steps should be followed in performance evaluation processes? What should be considered in performance evaluation? What is the importance of the 360 performance evaluation system? What kind of development plans should be created in line with the results obtained?

Performance evaluation is the examination and documentation of the level of fulfillment of job requirements by employees. It is a very important information gathering system for improving performance, identifying training needs, career management and reward systems. In evaluation processes, employees’ competencies, work habits and behaviors are compared according to their work performance. It is a multi-stage process that enables businesses to make the right decisions for the strategic goals, objectives and mission of the company. The starting point of performance appraisal processes is the setting of objectives. Plans should be developed to achieve the objectives set by the results obtained and to organize the problems. Strengthening the relationship between employees and management by identifying development needs, increasing communication within the team and providing timely feedback to employees are the most important differences that show that the 360 performance evaluation system is more efficient than the traditional performance evaluation system. Carrying out improvement activities in the light of feedback through the 360 performance evaluation system helps to clarify the work that needs to be done. In order to achieve healthy and consistent results, it is aimed that employees and managers establish strong communication. In this way, organizational development plans are created, the tasks to be performed are identified and competent personnel are selected and placed. The planned studies are very important for the careers of both businesses and employees.


We are here for you to realize your strategic goals and missions with our 360 performance evaluation system module, which is very important for the goals of businesses! With our young and dynamic Human Resources team, we aim to increase the performance efficiency of your employees and identify process improvements by saving your time.

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