Know Yourself!


Why should you know yourself? What do you want to do?

You can’t introduce yourself without knowing yourself! In job interviews, you are first asked to introduce yourself, but how will you introduce yourself in interviews when you don’t even know yourself?

Young people can start by looking at what they want to do, what they enjoy. These issues can be thoroughly investigated and their relevance considered. After answering the question of what I want to be, the next question is how can I achieve it? If all these processes are successfully achieved, you are getting closer to the target. As a result of goal-oriented development, your answer to the question of what I want to be will be well shaped and even more clarified. This will make it easier and more memorable to introduce yourself. For example, you have completed your entire education process and you are going for job interviews. You will first be asked to introduce and explain yourself. When you talk about when you made your decisions, the research you did for this, the departments you find suitable for yourself and explain that you have completed your education for this, you will be remembered as an individual who is both determined and successfully fulfills his/her goals. You are much closer to your next goal.

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