Your representative Curriculum Vitae


Why is the resume your representative? Why is your representation important? How should your representation be? How should representation be expressed?
Your resume, which is the first step in entering the job and company you dream of, is your introduction card and a short summary of your professional life. It is the most accurate, best and most effective means of expressing yourself. As your resume will be your proxy in the first instance, it is particularly important that it is simple, clear, understandable and concise, and that it clearly states your suitability for the position. Your writing style and your resume in general should be professional, short, simple and clear. Information outside of your professional life should not be included in the resume because this is not the appropriate reference point. When companies ask for a motivation letter, that is where they should be placed and a resume should not be confused with a motivation letter. Your resume is a successful and effective representation if it is structurally and technically able to explain your suitability for the position and your competencies. An effective resume is a great PR exercise and will make you outstanding.
You can evaluate your own resume based on key criteria such as whether it represents you in the “most accurate, best, most professional” way, or you can get professional support from recruiters. As Egeid family, we are ready to support you in this and other recruitment consultancy matters. Remember, your resume is your proxy.

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